No Faith in War

Many religious traditions hold working for peace as central to their belief systems. For many believers, rejecting militarism and embracing peace is a fundamental part of their worship or spiritual journey. Our spiritual reasons for opposing the arms trade are as diverse as our religious traditions and personal spiritual paths but we come together united by our belief in peace.

On Tuesday 3rd September 2019 we will gather to say we have: ‘No Faith in War’. Find out all about the day here

Using our different traditions and rituals that mourn the loss of life, we will process from different points to the entrance of the arms fair, converging together to hear from those affected, bringing readings and prayers from our holy books and texts.

In the afternoon we will transform the area in to a place of celebration of life – finding joy in our hope for change and ‘surrounding’ the arms fair with love, hope and prayers for change!

This will be a day for people of any faith, or none, to use their spiritual practices and heritage to resist the arms fair non-violently. All are welcome and we hope that everyone will stand in solidarity with each other’s actions. It is a day to respect and value what each tradition does to act for peace.

Groups that are or have been involved include:

Quaker Roots of Resistance

Pax Christi

Fellowship of Reconciliation

Quaker Peace and Disarmament Programme

Student Christian Movement


Wake Up London

Anglican Pacifist Fellowship

London Catholic Worker

If you would be interested in getting involved with your group, or want to be added to our email updates please contact [email protected]

We also have a Facebook page where you can ask any questions and find out more:

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Pax Christi Peace Pilgrimage

14 September 2021
10:30 - 13:00
St Anne’s Roman Catholic Church, St Annes Church, 1 Berwick Rd London