Know Your Rights Mic Check

A mic check is read out 1 line at a time, and the crowd shouts it back to you. Often you can start this off by shouting ‘Mic check’ until people realise they are supposed to repeat after you!)

If we are going to Stop the Arms Fair,
we must all know our legal rights.
This is to protect you
and allow you to act in solidarity
with everyone else stopping the arms fair.

No Comment
Do not speak to the police.
They are not your friends.
They are trying to get information about you,
your group, your friends.
The police officers in blue tabards are also police officers.
Their job is to gain information about protestors.
If you are arrested,
you can answer their questions
with “No Comment”

No Personal Details
The police want to know who you are,
where you live
and who you associate with.
You NEVER have to give your personal details
under ANY stop and search power.
This includes your visa status.

Under What Power?
Sometimes you are forced to interact with the police.
The police have to have a legal basis for their actions.
If you are being personally forced to interact with the cops,
ALWAYS ask “Under What Power”:
– what power are they using
– why are they using it

No Duty Solicitor
The duty solicitor
is a solicitor contacted by the police
to come and represent you if you are arrested.
They won’t have a clue about protest law.

They are likely to give you bad advice.
Call a bust card solicitor if you are arrested.
Their numbers are on the bust card.

No Caution
A caution is an admission of guilt.
Your charge may not hold up in court.
You may not even be charged.
A caution is an easy win for the police.
At the very least,
you should never accept a caution
before receiving advice
from one of GBC’s recommended solicitors.

Know your rights
know the rights of everyone stopping the arms fair.