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Everything you ever wanted to know about the arms fair

7 September 2013
Over the past few months, we’ve collected some gems on our blog. Naturally, we didn’t want you to miss out, so see below for a categorised list of posts to whet your lips before the arms fair starts… Intersections with other struggles Palestine: The UK’s dirty secrets: Palestine and the arms trade // Israel’s booming...
Women in Black anti-DSEi protest

Gender and the arms trade: what’s the link?

5 September 2013
Cynthia Cockburn is an ardent feminist and peace campaigner, involved in international feminist antimilitarist networks such as “Women in Black against War” and the “Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom”. She very kindly wrote a piece just for us! What does gender have to do with the arms trade?  The best place to start...
Israel is at the forefront of high-tech weapons development, such as its "Iron Dome" missile defence system [EPA]

Israel’s booming secretive arms trade

21 August 2013
An amazing documentary was released this year, that investigated how Israel uses Palestinians as guinea pigs in military weapons experiments. Al Jazeera English wrote an insightful review:
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Nuclear weapon makers at the arms fair

9 August 2013
Sara Medi Jones, CND Campaigns Officer writes about the companies at the arms fair which are pushing for the UK to renew its nuclear weapons system: Weapons companies are due to descend on London in September for the world’s largest arms fair. This ‘fair’, a pleasant sounding term for what really is a market for...
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Action against the arms fair in 2011

19 December 2011
Arming repressive regimes. Boosting arms company profits. Displaying the latest killing technology. The world’s biggest arms fair – DSEI – took place in East London in September 2011. In 2011, we witnessed more of the horror that comes when the UK arms repressive regimes — armoured vehicles used to suppress protest in Libya and Bahrain...
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Warships blockaded on Saturday!

12 September 2011
Protesters confront battleships en route to world’s largest arms fair Today (Saturday 10th Sept), warships en route to the world’s largest arms fair were disrupted by protesters angry at a trade that inflicts untold misery and death across the planet. Protesters manoeuvred kayaks in front of the ships to prevent them gaining access to Royal...
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Press release: Wave of Protests Planned in London

9 September 2011
A coalition of campaigning groups, including anti arms trade organisations, local residents and faith groups has announced its intention to “shut down DSEI, the world’s largest arms fair”. It says it wants to “shame the Government” for sponsoring this “disgusting event”. DSEI is the worlds largest arms fair and is returning to the Excel Centre...
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A message to Newham residents

12 August 2011
This September Defence & Security Equipment International (DSEI), one of the world’s largest arms fairs, will once again arrive at the ExCeL centre. While the international arms industry descends on Newham, roads around ExCeL will be shut and access for residents to three DLR stations will be limited for the comfort of the arms dealers....