The UK’s military budget is the 6th largest in the world, and the government continues to repeat its commitment to sky-high defence spending. At the same time, it argues that there is not enough money to provide public services such as hospitals, schools and domestic violence services. When only 0.2% of jobs in the UK are related to arms exports, and similar levels of support would generate many more jobs in the public sector, one thing is clear: these are the wrong priorities. We need welfare, not warfare.

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DSEI tries to stay secret. Help us spread the word!

9 May 2015
Most people don’t like the idea of the arms trade. We all know that. Arms companies can only get away with fairs to trade their wares by doing it in secret. This year, we want to make sure everyone knows that. Help us out: send a letter to your local newspaper letting them know that...
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On Trial: Defendants group statement

11 November 2013
We will defend our right to challenge the arms trade! A group of activists (mainly women) were charged after taking part in the ‘Occupy v the Arms Fair’ day of action on 8 September, which was part of the week of action against the DSEI Arms Fair at the Excel Centre, London. Our intention was...
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Press release: Where is the wrong? Arms trade on trial

1 November 2013
Photo opportunity: 9.15am. Mon 4 November, Thames Magistrates’ Court, 58 Bow Rd, London E3 4DJ Protesters arrested for taking action against an international arms fair in London have vowed to defend their right to challenge the arms trade. A solidarity demonstration will take place in their support when they appear in court on Monday 4...

Everything you ever wanted to know about the arms fair

7 September 2013
Over the past few months, we’ve collected some gems on our blog. Naturally, we didn’t want you to miss out, so see below for a categorised list of posts to whet your lips before the arms fair starts… Intersections with other struggles Palestine: The UK’s dirty secrets: Palestine and the arms trade // Israel’s booming...
Infographic: Military spending is twice the total cuts to the NHS.

Welfare or arms fair: what would you choose?

4 September 2013
A guest post by a London CAAT member who is also involved with UK Uncut! You wouldn’t think it’s a tough choice– should we be spending tax-payers money on keeping our hospitals and libraries open, or should we subsidise arms exports that make up just 0.3% of the UK’s GDP? Oh, and many of these...
Infographic: Military spending is twice the total cuts to the NHS.

Who pays for high military spending?

20 August 2013
We need to make explicit the choices our politicians are making: They are choosing to protect military spending from the cuts and to keep the UK’s spending on weapons the fourth highest in the world, while subjecting public services to vast cuts.
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Austerity hypocrisy: military spending is spared the chop

23 July 2013
The links between austerity and arms trade spending are complicated and – sadly – plentiful. The links were expanded on in the recent New Internationalist magazine’s July/August 2013 issue on debt.
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Warships blockaded on Saturday!

12 September 2011
Protesters confront battleships en route to world’s largest arms fair Today (Saturday 10th Sept), warships en route to the world’s largest arms fair were disrupted by protesters angry at a trade that inflicts untold misery and death across the planet. Protesters manoeuvred kayaks in front of the ships to prevent them gaining access to Royal...