Big Day of Action

On the 9th of September, The Big Day of Action will be our biggest event of the week, the culmination of the week of action leading up to the arms fair at the Excel centre in London.

We will gather to show the British Government that the weapons being sold to human rights abusers and dictators, in our beautiful city of London, is not being done in our name. We will represent an alternate voice, to sing loud, shout and demand that the government invest in peace and sustainable security. The millions of pounds being poured into this event and to the arms industry in general could be used for developing renewable energy sources, limiting the risk of future resource conflicts.

What to expect:

We invite you to bring your family and friends to our Festival of Resistance, where you will be able to join in with singing choirs, group meditations, live music at the same time as sharing an important message. The day will consist of a programme of different events, performances and speakers which you can admire and participate in, whilst working towards the common goal of shutting down the arms fair. You can expect live music, such as folk, guitar music, and choirs, as well as a kite-making workshop or a large group meditation, or get creative with some arts and crafts, making your own mask or costume! We want our singing and dancing to get in the way of the military equipment and vehicles being rolled into the arms fair and to stop it from going ahead.

What to do:

Bring your fancy dress, wings and glitter, and stop the arms fair from setting up in London. This will be a family friendly action, and you can join in any of the workshops or watch the performances. You will be able to get involved in the activities that you feel comfortable with, and take part in the resistance to the arms fair.

How to get involved:

We want your help with organising what will be a massive day of action! Email bigday(at)stopthearmsfair*org*uk to get involved.