Camping at DSEI 2017

July 25, 2017

The week of action to #StopDSEI involves days of talks, events and direct action. Alongside the themed days of action, there will be a tent based occupation running from Monday 4th to Sunday 10th September.

If you have to travel far to join the week of action you might want to bring a tent and enjoy the September weather. During the 2015 week of action to the Stop the Arms Fair we camped on a small grassy bank that sustained us for the duration – in , act the camp remained occupied past the final day as people wanted to stay on.

Having a tent based occupation has multiple benefits:

  • It provides a visible 24×7 focal point for people travelling to #StopDSEI
  • It secures kit and equipment that can be left overnight
  • It keeps the pressure on the organisers of DSEI as blockades spring up at unexpected times
  • It’s fun!

Frequently Asked Questions about camping at DSEI

Q. Where is the camp exactly?

A. The camp will be at the eastern end of the ExCeL center in the area of the roundabout connecting Royal Albert Way and Sandstone Lane. For those that wish to be very precise this Google Maps link places you right on the spot that we camped in 2015

Q: Where do you eat? Shower? Go to the toilet??

A 5-minute walk from the camping area is a lovely community cafe that opens it doors to the Arms Fair activists. Although the bushes around the campsite provided discreet facilities on a few occasions a trip to the cafe to use the loo and recharge both yourself and your phone was a common event.

There is also a pub and a hotel across the road from the camp which is closer, although hotel security prevented us from using the facilities a few days into the occupation in 2015. Perhaps the arms dealers staying in the hotel weren’t happy with rubbing shoulders with peaceful protesters?

Q: Where can I speak to campers before making the trip for the week of action

The primary place is on our Facebook group for the event but you can also leave a comment on this blog post or email one of the camp organisers at mozrat(at)gmail*com.

Q. Is it safe camping at #StopDSEI

Yes – camping in 2015 passed with no issues. The police kept a close eye on us, but we weren’t disturbed by them at nights. Unfortunately, on the final night, some kids managed to steal a bag from a tent so we will think of a solution to that problem.

Q. Are there any rules for camping at #StopDSEI

We respect the same rules regarding safe spaces that Stop the Arms Fair have adopted. These will be published here soon

Q. Can I chain my bike up safely near the campsite

Yes, we think so. In the immediate area of the campsite there are enough fences, railings and so on to secure a bicycle. Unless the police try and move it, it should be the most secure bicycle in London with a 24×7 police guard.

If you have any further questions please get in touch!

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