Don’t supply DSEI!

May 28, 2015

A lorry delivers to DSEI arms fairThe DSEI arms fair fuels conflict and repression around the world. 1500 arms companies push sales of drones, tanks, missiles and all kinds of killing equipment. But it couldn’t happen without its civilian suppliers. By naming and shaming them, we can begin to make the arms fair unworkable.

We’re documenting the civilian suppliers to the arms fair on Storify here. Below you can take action to challenge the #armstradeenablers

Start by contacting the companies which supplied the arms fair in 2013. Ask them: Do they really want their brand associated with conflict and human rights abuses? Is the arms fair’s business worth losing other customers for?

Addison Lee | Leave a message on their Facebook Page

Bury Van Hire

Exworks Ltd

Heavyteam Transport

John T Evans Haulage Ltd

Jongor Hire | Leave a message on their Facebook Page

Norfolk Line (now owned by DFDS Logistics)

Oakmace Exhibitions | Leave a message on their Facebook Page

Sutton Transport

TSA Transport

Then there’s the companies advertising their services for this year’s arms fair too

Air2Events 01902 898525

DSEI Accommodation Team 02078704100

DB Systems 08452263038

Aztec 02078034000

Leiths 02070694100

Carey Worldwide 02083267626

ExCeL Cleaning 02070694500

A1 Cleaning 02085231516

Face Up TV 07712871250

Oldacre Florist 02076094235

Expo Floors 01922721177

Agility 08432272032

PMSE Ofcom 02079813803

JMT Indisplay 01923851580

Thorns 02088014444

Freeman 02476309236

PPL 02075341070

PRS 08000684828

London Mannequin Hire
+44 (1400) 272219

Freeman 02477601601

Clarion Operations 01444811411

ExCeL Parking

UK Patents Office 08459500505

Post Photographic Ltd 01299269737

ExCeL Rigging 02070694400

G4S 02087222737

Shell Scheme 02477601601

Space+ 01252756185

Event Support Solutions 01252756185

Campbell Reith Hill 02073401700

ExCeL IT 02070694340

Cell Hire 02078411382

Bond Associates 08451304548

Ciao Bella Events 02072947746

Detailing Specialists 087000112267/0777963809

DB Systems | Audio-visual and IT equipment hire | Leave a message on their Facebook Page

Leith’s Catering at ExCeL | They advertise their services in the Inside DSEI magazine

ZibrantOfficial accommodation supplier for DSEI | Leave a message on their Facebook Page

Tweet or message us with #armstradeenabler if you come across a company supplying the arms fair. Help make companies realise that their reputation will be damaged if their work helps make the arms trade possible.

We’re not the only people mapping what keeps the wheels of the arms turning. See the UK locations of DSEI exhibitors on Campaign Against Arms Trade’s interactive map and check out the project which is mapping arms dealers and their lobbyists too!

4 replies to “Don’t supply DSEI!”

  • There are so many of these companies that it feel overwhelming; how can supporters decide which to contact if they haven’t got time to contact all of them? How much impact do these letters, and the campaign in general, have on the companies anyway? I’d be surprised if they even take notice of them; surely they just throw the letters away unread. I’d be interested to see any response, but, frankly, the number of companies, and my doubts about the effectiveness of contacting them, makes me feel discouraged.

  • Let’s not give up before we start! Contact a few. Its too important to stay silent.

    I promise to contact a couple of these suppliers every day until the job is done. I hope that enough people feel strongly about it and do the same. We can make a difference but only together.

  • I think you would have much more success with such campaigns if this was set out in a way similar to the 38Degrees group where the email and the addresses of those whom it should be sent to auto populates and then you can modify/personalise the email and then send. All the best. Richard.

  • Yes I agree, most of us just don’t have the time to write individual letters no matte how passionate I feel about it, using a template as suggested above would ensure a far greater response

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