Stop Arming Israel Day of Action


Monday 6 September 2021    
All day


ExCeL London East Gate, 2 mins from Prince Regent DLR
ExCel London East Gate, Royal Albert Way, London, E16 1FR
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Day 1 of the week of action to #disarmDSEI with Manchester Palestine Action and special guests including Lowkey!

This May the world saw 253 Palestinians killed in Gaza, which included 66 children in 11 days of bombing. The summer of 2014 during Protective Edge, 2204 dead, 500 children in 50 days. 180 children under the age of 5 killed. Pillar of Defence, 167 killed in 7 days. Cast Lead (27th December 2008 to 18th January 2009) 1398 dead, including the use of white phosphorus at two hospitals.

There is a cycle of calm, escalation, Gaza being bombed, talks of a cease fire, a temporary cease fire and then there is a period of calm for a while, until the bombs start to drop on Gaza again. The cycle starts again.
All the while Palestinians in Gaza are under siege. Essential supplies and building material can’t enter. A United Nation report said Gaza will be uninhabitable by 2020. Nothing has been done to hold Israel to account. Both sides of the house rejected a petition to “Introduce sanctions against Israel” but we know the public are waking up to the crimes Israel is committing.
If our own government doesn’t act in accordance with its own arms export license framework, then it’s up to the people to hold our elected officials to account.
We have seen Palestinians in Silwan, al-Bustan, Sheikh Jarrah and Batn al-Hawa facing eviction. Armed settlers are threating Palestinians to leave their homes, while the Israeli State facilitates and provides support to allow this to happen.
We are seeing the continuous expansion of settlements in the Occupied West Bank, which is illegal under international law. Palestinians in the Jordan Valley are struggling for survival, after settlers are destroying water sources and stealing land.
That is why we will be outside the ExCel Centre, it is time that we hold Israel to the same standard that we would hold anyone else to. The longest military occupation in modern history. Numerous breaches of UN Resolutions and International Law, with the International Criminal Court investigating Israel for possible war crimes. It is time that our government makes a stand and stops arming Israel.
An attempt to silence the Palestinian voices and stop the world seeing what was happening on the ground by destroying high rise building that housed media offices and journalist will not stop us sharing the voice of the Palestinian people. We will not stay silent. Come and hear their story.
We will not rest until all Palestinians are treated equally, end of the occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem, end to the siege of Gaza and Palestinians granted the Right to Return.
On 6th September we start the week of action outside the ExCel Centre to #stopDSEI. We will be outside protesting against, weapon manufactures and arms companies who profit from death and destruction. Who battlefield test their weapons on the Palestinian people.
There will be activities through out the day from 10am onwards. We will be joined by special guests – including Lowkey. The timetable is likely to change but we have a full day of entertainment, information and solidarity with the Palestinian people.
10am onwards – Reception for Bikes Not Bombs – Disarm DSEI Critical Mass (when it arrives!)
10:30am – What to expect today
11am – Why are we here? Introduction to Israel and UK Arms Trade relationship
1pm – Build locally to #ShutElbitDown
2pm – Know your Rights
3pm – JCB workshop and updates
4pm – Palestinian Voices
6pm – Debrief and music
Click attending on and share the Facebook events for the Stop Arming Israel Day of Action and the Bikes Not Bombs Disarm DSEI Critical Mass!

Information about transport to the site and accessibility.  If you need to know information that is not currently on this page, or to let us know about an access need, get in touch at

We urge those coming to any action to be COVID-safe, to protect our community and make this protest accessible to all.  Please take a test before coming, bring sanitiser and respect those who want to social distance.  Bring your own water bottle and mugs to get drinks on site!

Information about your legal rights on protests.  Take the time to learn your rights before attending the week of action, for your own protection and the protection of those around you.


It is crucial that everyone joining this wonderful week of resistance adheres to the Stop the Arms Fair Safer Spaces Policy.  Please also take a look at Campaign Against Arms Trade’s Action Guidelines on interactions with the police – who protect the arms trade, are part of the arms trade, and are institutionally racist – and on directing our protest at the arms industry (and so being mindful of the local community!).

Green and Black Cross will be coordinating legal observers throughout the week of action.