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Boom time for Drone Deals at DSEI

27 August 2013
Drone Wars UK shares the latest on drones at the arms fair. Thousands of military buyers will descend on London from 9-13 September to be wooed, wined and dined by military salesmen from the world’s largest arms companies. Many of those buyers will arrive with the same item at the top of their shopping list:...
Infographic: Military spending is twice the total cuts to the NHS.

Who pays for high military spending?

20 August 2013
We need to make explicit the choices our politicians are making: They are choosing to protect military spending from the cuts and to keep the UK’s spending on weapons the fourth highest in the world, while subjecting public services to vast cuts.
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Shopping for tear gas

19 August 2013
It was great (and surprising?) to see the police watchdog, the Independent Police Complaints Commission, criticising the Met officer for using CS gas on protesters at a UK Uncut action last year. Whilst the IPCC is notoriously ineffectual at challenging police behaviour, it managed to publicly challenge the use of CS gas on this occasion....
EDO protest

Struggles near home: why fighting the arms trade locally is effective

13 August 2013
Activists in Brighton have been campaigning to shut down EDO MBM (owned by ITT Exelis) since 2004. For nine years, we have taken a range of actions against the factory, including road blockades, lock-ons of the factory gates, rooftop occupations, phone blockades, critical mass bike rides, and action camps.
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Nuclear weapon makers at the arms fair

9 August 2013
Sara Medi Jones, CND Campaigns Officer writes about the companies at the arms fair which are pushing for the UK to renew its nuclear weapons system: Weapons companies are due to descend on London in September for the world’s largest arms fair. This ‘fair’, a pleasant sounding term for what really is a market for...
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The UK’s dirty secrets: Palestine and the arms trade

23 April 2013
“Israel’s largest comparative advantage is in military products, because these demand advanced technology on one hand and military experience on the other…no country in the world is as dependent on arms sales as Israel. The Jaffa orange is fast being edged out of the public consciousness by the Uzi submachine gun as Israel’s major export....
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Disarm the Gallery!

27 January 2012
The National Gallery is one of our most iconic public institutions. It is also supporting the arms trade. To put a stop to this, the Stop the Arms Fair coalition has launched the Disarm the Gallery campaign.
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Warships blockaded on Saturday!

12 September 2011
Protesters confront battleships en route to world’s largest arms fair Today (Saturday 10th Sept), warships en route to the world’s largest arms fair were disrupted by protesters angry at a trade that inflicts untold misery and death across the planet. Protesters manoeuvred kayaks in front of the ships to prevent them gaining access to Royal...