No Faith in War: Programme of events

August 14, 2017

Purple lettering reading 'No Faith in War' on a white background. The timetable is as follows: 10 am PEACE SIT with Wake Up London. 11 am Quaker Meeting for Worship. 12 pm Torah reading with Jewdas. 12:59 pm Zuhr prayer. 1:30 pm altogether. Bring and share lunch. International Prayer for Peace followed by talks. 2:30 pm SONGS OF PEACE Anglican Pacifist Fellowship. 3:15 pm prayers Midlands peace group. 4:00 pm prayers with Pax Christi.

This is the programme of events that have been scheduled to take place (so far!) during the ‘No Faith in War‘ action on Tuesday 5th September. More events have been planned that have not yet been scheduled and yet more still that will not be scheduled (such as the street theatre which will take place at regular intervals throughout the day). All times are subject to change, not least because we are not able to predict what will be happening on the ground.

This is a day for people of any faith, or none, to use their spiritual practices and heritage to resist the arms fair nonviolently. All are welcome and we hope that everyone will stand in solidarity with each other’s actions. It is a day to respect and value what each tradition does to act for peace.

If you or your faith group wish take part and organise a prayer vigil, or indeed any other event, as part of the ‘No Faith in War‘ action then all you need to do is turn up on the day. We are a collection of groups and individuals who have come together to say that we have ‘No Faith in War’ and anyone who can join us in this is more than welcome to be part of the action and to help to shape the day. The programme of events has been put together to give people an idea of when they might want to turn up but there is no formal organisation or structure and all are free to do their own thing provided that they respect what others are doing in doing so. If you would like to know more, please get in touch with us at nofaithinwar(at)stopthearmsfair*org*uk.

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