The pen is mightier than the tank?

August 7, 2013

Our very own newspaper, the Newham Adversary, is officially on the streets!

Members of East London Against The Arms Fair (part of the Stop The Arms Fair coalition) started to distribute our anti-DSEI paper around Newham to residents and commuters.

The local paper the Newham Recorder even picked us up.

Last time, 750 copies of the Adversary were handed out but the print run has been stretched to 3,000 this year.

An international section has also been created with articles written in Gujarati, Punjabi, and Urdu to reflect Newham’s diverse population.

Gwyn Jones, from Forest Gate, said: “We need to share information about plans made here in Newham that will cause so much suffering all over the world.”

Chris Browne, editor of The Newham Adversary, said: “As individuals who think there is something very wrong with the idea of selling deadly weapons in pursuit of corporate profit, we feel it is extremely important to do everything we can to shut down DSEI.

“But the arms trade doesn’t exist in a vacuum; its events have to take place somewhere. For DSEI, that ‘somewhere’ is Newham.

“The Adversary is a big part of Stop the Arms Fair coalition’s public outreach.

“We wanted to get the message out to Newham residents – many of whom hate the arms fair taking place in their borough – that it’s easy to get involved in the campaign; together we can make sure DSEI 2013 is the last ever to darken our doorstep.”

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