Activist due to appear in court for Lockheed Martin protest

November 18, 2015

A person stands in front of a white building which is covered in red paintAn activist is due to appear in court on Tuesday 24 November for an action at Lockheed Martin’s London offices during the DSEI arms fair.

There will be a solidarity presence outside the court from 9am

Where: Westminster Magistrates Court, 181 Marylebone Road NW1 5BR
When: Tuesday 24 November, 9am

According to the person involved:

During the DSEI week of action, Lockheed Martin’s London office was targeted for it’s role in fueling and  profiting from the current refugee crisis. With the support of the UK government, DSEI brings together military buyers from countries propagating war and repressing their own populations, and the weapons manufacturers who profit from conflict and insecurity. This is wrong. Killing and maiming are wrong profiting from death and destruction is wrong. It should be stopped.”

Lockheed Martin produces cluster bombs; designs nuclear weapons, and makes the F-35 Lightning (overpriced,under-performing combat aircraft). In the US and elsewhere Lockheed Martin is virtually running it’s own foreign policy doing everything from hiring interrogators for US overseas prisons (including Guantanamo bay) to managing a private intelligence network in Pakistan.

On Tuesday 8 September, the offices were marked with blood-coloured dye which ran down its walls. The pavement was decorated with the with outlines of bodies and words pointing to the building as well as banners, one saying, ‘Lockheed Martin: merchants of mega death’.

A banner reads 'heed Martin ts of MEGA DE

A person walks into a building alongside a white wall painted red

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