Arms to Renewables

Arms to Renewables


Wednesday 6 September 2017    
10:00 - 18:00


ExCeL Centre, Eastern Entrance
Royal Albert Way, London, E16 1RH
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Title reads Arms to Renewables, above two illustrations: on the left, in red, illustration of planes dropping bombs on houses and people, with natural world devastated and text 'stop the arms fair'; on the right in blue, an illustration of birds swoooping over the same landscape but with trees flourishing, houses intact and wind turbines in distance, text ''Weds 6th Sept'

Arms to Renewables – day of activity to Stop the Arms Fair

Arms fairs such as the DSEI are the oil in the machinery of the international arms trade – and the sales it facilitates fuel conflict, support repression and make the world a more dangerous place for all.

The UK government supports and promotes this devastating industry, while other sectors that could make us safer are neglected.

Shifting priorities from Arms to Renewables would help us tackle one of the biggest threats we face: climate change.

Campaign Against Arms Trade’s research shows that a move towards offshore wind and marine energy could produce more jobs than the entire arms industry.

These would be better jobs in an industry which is growing, which create a safer, cleaner, healthier and more peaceful world.

Join the Arms to Renewables team campaigning alongside Stop The Arms Fair – No Nuclear activists to prevent the setting up of the arms fair and to call for jobs which create a safer, rather than a more dangerous world.

We have a variety of fun filled activities you can join in: help build a turbine, be part of a wave, sit in a on-site workshop and get to work on turbine models and more!

Join and share the Facebook event and email a2r(at)stopthearmsfair*org*uk to find out more.