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Private prosecution of arms companies discontinued

10 July 2014
The activists who were trying to bring a private prosecution against arms companies that exhibited at the DSEI have unfortunately had to discontinue their legal action. You can read their statement on the Arms Dealers on Trial website.
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DSEI arrestees privately prosecute arms dealers!

9 March 2014
This week we (a group of those arrested at the DSEI arms fair 2013) have begun private prosecution proceedings against arms companies who exhibited at DSEI 2013. French company Magforce International and Chinese company Tianjin MyWay International Trading will be summonsed to appear at Thames Magistrates Court to answer information about alleged crimes including the...
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Charges dropped!

19 February 2014
Yesterday (Tuesday 18 February 2014) the CPS dropped its charges against the activists arrested during the day of action against the DSEI Arms Fair on 8 September 2013. Different activists had been charged with different offences including obstruction of the highway and obstructing a police officer.

Christian activists found not guilty

5 February 2014
The five Christians whose action blocked the Custom House entrance to the arms fair on 10th September have been found not guilty of aggravated trespass. It was the video evidence supplied by the police for purposes of prosecution which helped the five win the case, ironically. They had not received clear instructions as to what...

In support of Christian activists on trial

1 February 2014
Whatever happens in court, it’s the arms companies and the UK government who are the real criminals. The activists from the Occupy vs the Arms Fair day of action stand in solidarity with the Christian activists charged with similar offences who are first to have their trials on 3 and 4 February 2014.

A year of protest against the arms trade

20 December 2013
When tackling the systems that perpetuate conflict, repression and inequality, change doesn’t come quickly, so it’s important to remind ourselves of our achievements along the way. 2013 was a brilliant year for anti-arms trade activism: Arms trade networking events were challenged wherever they took place; a wide range of groups took part in an amazing...
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Open letter from Palestinian groups

2 December 2013
Hundreds of people have come out in support of the people on trial for taking action at the DSEI arms fair. Below is an open letter from groups in Palestine in solidarity with the actions taken.
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Arms Dealers Haunted at the Tower

25 November 2013
Arms dealers arriving at the Tower of London for a swanky reception on Wednesday 6 November got a little bit more than they bargained for. Instead of friendly stewards and helpful Beefeaters, they found a ribald collection of ghosts and ghouls. Zombies rubbed shoulders with scythe wielding “Deaths”, masked executioners discussed the finer points of...