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Three children sit in front of rubble.

DSEI: Continuing a tradition of militarism and war in the East End

6 September 2015
David Rosenberg is a writer, educator and tour guide.He runs the East End Walks which explore London radical social history.  He is the author of ‘Battle for the East End‘ (Five Leaves Publications, 2011) and ‘Rebel Footprints: a guide to uncovering London’s radical history’ (Pluto, 2015). The start of the week of action against the...

It starts here. Let’s stop it.

2 June 2015
In September, the world’s weapons industry plans to arrive in London for a huge arms fair: Defence & Security Equipment International (DSEI). The results of DSEI are felt around the world as people are killed, economies are devastated, refugees are traumatised and peaceful protest is crushed. War starts here: Despite Israel’s brutal attacks on Gaza...

Everything you ever wanted to know about the arms fair

7 September 2013
Over the past few months, we’ve collected some gems on our blog. Naturally, we didn’t want you to miss out, so see below for a categorised list of posts to whet your lips before the arms fair starts… Intersections with other struggles Palestine: The UK’s dirty secrets: Palestine and the arms trade // Israel’s booming...
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DSEI is nearly here! Get prepared…

6 September 2013
The UK government is condemning violence in Syria, just days before inviting other dictatorships to shop for weapons at the London arms fair. Despite having threatened military action against Assad, it will still host his weapons suppliers at the arms fair. The arms fair fuels death, conflict, fear and repression the world over. The arms...

Stop the arms fair, stop the invasion of Syria

4 September 2013
A guest post from Kirsten Bayes, kindly reposted from her personal blog. I like a good embassy demonstration. I must have protested half a dozen in my time, for various causes. But in the end, an embassy is a building far away from the capital of the nation it represents, where real power lies. Still,...
Infographic: Military spending is twice the total cuts to the NHS.

Welfare or arms fair: what would you choose?

4 September 2013
A guest post by a London CAAT member who is also involved with UK Uncut! You wouldn’t think it’s a tough choice– should we be spending tax-payers money on keeping our hospitals and libraries open, or should we subsidise arms exports that make up just 0.3% of the UK’s GDP? Oh, and many of these...
Placard with red heart on it reads, 'Unite today for Turkey'. Held against the London skyline, against a cloudy sky

How London Gezi linked to Stop the Arms Fair

3 September 2013
Article written by Ozlem Atik, London Gezi A group of people from different ethnic and religious backgrounds and political views came together during the Gezi -Taksim resistance. They did not and do not represent a political party or any other organization. In support of the Gezi movement they organised flashmobs, protests, workshops, and started to interact...

Arms, oil and Algeria – Are EU gas supplies more important than human rights?

30 August 2013
This September, a delegation from Algeria is expected to attend the DSEI arms fair in London at the invitation of the UK government. The country has a long record of carrying out human rights abuses against political dissidents and human rights defenders. Here is an article by Hamza Hamouchene, currently researching the UK’s energy interests...