grim reaper with big benIn September, the world’s weapons industry plans to arrive in London for a huge arms fair: Defence & Security Equipment International (DSEI). The results of DSEI are felt around the world as people are killed, economies are devastated, refugees are traumatised and peaceful protest is crushed.

War starts here: Despite Israel’s brutal attacks on Gaza last summer which Save the Children described as a “war on children”, it will host a pavilion at the arms fair to market its “battle-tested” weapons.

Repression starts here: Despite UK-made weaponry being used to suppress protests in Bahrain, the country’s brutal rulers were among 14 authoritarian regimes invited by the UK government to shop for weapons at DSEI 2013.

Environmental destruction starts here: Governments routinely put military spending before tackling climate change. The UK spends 25 times more on weapons research than research into renewable energy.

Because it starts here, we can stop it here.
We can stand in the way of the arms fair’s business and its devastating impact around the world. Exhibition equipment and military hardware will be rolling (or sailing) into ExCeL – let’s stop it getting to its destination.

You can help:

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  • I’m really confused..I didn’t realize the UK sold weapons to other countries (I’m aware USA does this). UK has an honour and a right to defend itself against attack but I think it’s wrong that it is manufacturing them and selling them (for profit presumably?) To other countries…
    Surely that just means it has to make more, better, more radical and dangerous things to stay one step ahead? Bit like paper, stone scissors? I am struggling to find honest, unbiased evidence of what exactly is going on. I’m horrified as I’m finding just how devious and unethical the government is already to people who are part of what makes Britain Great in the first place. Please can you send me further information?
    Thank you

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